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Sing Alongs For Seniors include testimonials for sing along music for seniors when you buy Sing Along With John DVDs.
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CLICK HERE to see Alzheimer’s Blogger Ann Napoletan’s review of the Sing Along With John DVDs Collection!
Ann Napoletan, Freelance Writer
The Long & Winding Road Alzheimer’s Blog
Columbus, Ohio

John’s DVDs are like a live performance. His DVDs are not led like a children’s class the way that some of the other Sing Along DVDs are. Residents really respond to Johns DVDs because of this. The DVDs engage residents and bring them back to their happy memories. We use the Gospel for Church services. Everyone joins in the hymn singing when Old Time Gospel is put in the DVD player. Residents really respond to Johns DVDs because of this.


Shelley Ryan, Program Manager

Brantford, ON

We especially enjoy the gospel DVD when conducting a church service. I enjoy leading the prayers and Gospel Readings. However finding Hymn singing not my forte, I have the Gospel selections set up on the DVD player and everyone joins in.


Brenda Reid,

Tranquility Place
Brantford, ON
London, On.

John’s performances at Sunnyside Seniors Services are well cherished. He is an extraordinary performer who brings emotions of joy and laughter to his shows. The pub nights, birthday parties and courtyard bbqs to which he has attended have all been top notch.


Teresa Ruetz,
Recreation Therapist

Sunnyside Home
Kitchener, Ontario

Love John and the music, sing along is the best as I don’t have a nice voice and singing with others makes me sound good.


Diana Ward

Bentley Health Ward 4 Rehab

John’s Sing Along DVDs are a valuable tool for engaging our residents and keeping them interested in our programs.


Teresa, Recreationist

Baywoods Place
Hamilton, Ontario

I like both the Old Time Gospel and Christmas Celebration DVDs containing the traditional Christian hymns. I feel they would be a good resource for activity directors to use for Christian activities with their senior residents.


Stan Means, President

Elder Source Senior Ministries
Greenville, South Carolina

The residents and I really enjoy singing along with your DVDs. I especially like the fact that they aren’t the same ol’ songs but still familiar.


Andrea J. Bowline, Activity Therapist

Sunnyvale, California

I’m William Harvey, the President of the Residents Council at St. Peters. It always feels like a Country Club House when John plays for us. The fun that we have when he plays, he makes us want to sing and laugh. I play the spoons with John for a few songs and he makes me feel like I’m at home.


William Harvey,

St. Peters Hospital
Hamilton, On.

Our residents love Sing Along With John DVDs. As soon as the DVD starts to play, everyone starts to sing and they remain engaged for the entire DVD performance.


Lisa Hardistay, Activity Director

Bay Haven
Collingwood, ON

Our clients always have a great time when John performs. There are smiles from ear to ear, toes tapping and people up out of their chairs dancing! He brings so much joy to our day center and a pleasure to work with. His talent and enthusiasm are unmatched!


Bonnie Robertson-Koepke, Activity Coordinator

VON Adult Day Program & Overnight Respite
Hamilton, Ontario

I recently purchased All Time Sing Along Favourites DVD. My residents love it they sang and clapped all through it. When it was done I hit play again and they were just as enthusiastic the second time. I only purchased one DVD the first time I wanted to be sure they would like it. They love it and I’ll be buying more. Thank You for a wonderful presentation. I feel like I’ve struck gold!


Donna Rowe, Activities Assistant

Sandwich, MA


Sing Along With John DVDs were reviewed by the National Coalition for the Certification of Activity Professionals Review Committee. The DVDs are approved and recommended for use in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, adult day care, memory care and retirement facilities.

Dear John, You have a sweet smile. You are so loyal & faithful. You sing from your heart. And the way you tickle those ivories! John, we love you.


Sue Cason,
Team Leader For Life Enrichment
Sabrina, Heidi & Rob

McCormick Home
London, Ontario

When John’s DVDs are playing, I think there’s a real concert going on because of the audience participation.


Alex, Activities Manager

Simcoe Adult Day Program
Simcoe, Ontario

We purchased one DVD for my Mother’s nursing home Alzheimers wing. It was a big hit! Well done.


Holly Ford

The Pines
Fulks Run, VA